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boliwawa1983score:4.3 / 52021-08-03
Colleagues on business..
olive0929score:5.0 / 52021-07-28
Boss clause should also
e03499366score:5.0 / 52021-07-27
not bad
jeff2002score:4.5 / 52021-07-14
It's convenient around the hotel. Metro Line 8 goes to exit b of modiesha. When you come out, you can walk about 300 meters to the right. You don't need to cross the road, so it's very convenient. After three days on business, you feel it's very good. It's clean and the service is good. Breakfast is also good, such as bread, spring rolls, other snacks and porridge. You can choose more porridge. When you go to Pazhou Exhibition, you can get a car to pick you up. But you must grasp the time, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and from 17:00 p.m. to 17:20 p.m., and be sure to be within the correct time. Because the time is not clear, it leads to a little contradiction. In fact, it is also a small mistake of the staff, but it's still handled. It's not bad. It's more cost-effective to recommend staying and group buying
e00145579score:5.0 / 52021-07-13
Very close to the exhibition hall, good service
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