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Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhou, 新港東路37号に位置しています。標準客室、豪華客室、高級客室などがあります。完備した施設と完備した管理を持っています。ホテルは広州国際会議・展示センターに隣接しており、為替展覧会に参加するビジネス人事に便利さを提供しています。ホテルの屋上に設置された会議室は設備が完備していて、静かで快適です。そして、専門家が企画し、専門家が接待し、専門家のサービスを提供します。ビジネス会議、製品展示、ニュース発表、学術交流、トレーニングなどの理想的な場所です。
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhou 空港へ31.5km。

  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhouに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhouのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhouにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhou の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel GuangzhouにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhouは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhouはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhou朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY28/人。

  • Pa Zhou Plaza Hotel Guangzhouの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • bruceblue1120
    The exhibition is very convenient
  • tsinb
    I'm here every year during the exhibition. The rest is OK, but breakfast still needs to be improved!
  • summer83
  • andy19771
    It's very common. There's a smell in the room. The smell is all around
  • bucai
    Stay on business. Because it's close to the exhibition hall, stay here. It's like a hotel!
  • Sonney
    The price is very affordable!
  • xcfjm
    Booking on behalf of customers, the environment is very good, the transportation is convenient, and the supporting facilities are complete. You can renew your subscription.
  • irlin33
    Not bad
  • liyp0327
    High cost performance!
  • bananafox
    Very good, every aspect was pretty good!
  • lfewmusi
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's very close to the subway station. It's convenient and fast to Pazhou. The sanitation of the room is very good, the price is very reasonable and affordable
  • boliwawa1983
    Colleagues are on business. Convenient.
  • olive0929
    It should be OK to order on behalf of the boss
  • e03499366
    not bad
  • jeff2002
    It's convenient around the hotel. Metro Line 8 goes to exit b of modiesha. When you come out, you can walk about 300 meters to the right. You don't need to cross the road, so it's very convenient. After three days on business, you feel it's very good. It's clean and the service is good. Breakfast is also good, such as bread, spring rolls, other snacks and porridge. You can choose more porridge. When you go to Pazhou Exhibition, you can get a car to pick you up. But you must grasp the time, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and from 17:00 p.m. to 17:20 p.m., and be sure to be within the correct time. Because the time is not clear, it leads to a little contradiction. In fact, it is also a small mistake of the staff, but it's still handled. It's not bad. It's more cost-effective to recommend staying and group buying
  • e00145579
    Very close to the exhibition hall, good service
  • cocowang
    The hotel facilities are average and breakfast is very average. However, it is close to Pazhou Exhibition Hall and there is a special bus. It is still very convenient. It is a good choice when participating in the exhibition. There is a charge for toiletries in the room. Remember to bring them with you. It's economical and environmentally friendly. One of the rooms I booked didn't stay for one night because of other things. It's a little unreasonable for the hotel to exclude the next two nights from the order.
  • Code77
    It's not far from the subway. It's quite convenient
  • Beatrice_wt
    If there is an exhibition, the hotel is really expensive and the surrounding environment is general. It is very close to the subway station. There are KFC McDonald's in Chigang. Generally, you don't choose to stay
  • magicamy
    The environment is good. Although it's close to the road, I sleep well at night
  • samurai023
    The hotel is near the exhibition area and has just passed the exhibition, so the location is very good. The subway is nearby. But we live in the single room of the toilet and horizontal is no compartment, even the screen is not, this is very uncomfortable. Although the room is small, we should learn from Hong Kong. It's difficult for people to turn their houses around, but the facilities are complete, and the bathroom also has compartments. In the final analysis, it's because domestic hotels are not considerate enough for their guests. On the whole, it's clean and good, but as far as the awareness of facilities is concerned, it's very poor.
  • orlanderp
    Good location, convenient parking
  • Armin
    The room is very clean and the layout is also very warm. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance.
  • levopo
    The tolerance is OK, but the windows are not screened, unsafe, can't be opened, and the air is bad
  • mapabc
    It's not good to bring your own restaurant
  • cindysun
    I ordered it for foreign customers. It's pretty good. There are also cars to the exhibition hall very close.
  • leidawei
    The overall evaluation is pretty good. Two stops away from Pazhou Exhibition Hall, the bedside baffle has been rattling.
  • dfeng3072
    Yes, the transportation is convenient, there is a special bus to the exhibition, and the service has to be said!!!
  • evaandre
    Yes, it's OK for the company. The last time I checked in, the toiletries were still free.
  • lilyinwind7102
    Yes, it's a good place
  • seamless
    I made an appointment for a party and booked this hotel because it was close to the party. The location is quite convenient. The executive room where I live faces the Pearl River to the north and Yuhua middle school is behind. It's quiet. The parking lot is on the ground. There is no underground parking lot. There are about 30-40 parking spaces. Fortunately, there was a place when I arrived. The facilities and hygiene in the hotel are average. There are only two bedside lamps and one desk lamp. I think it's dark at night. The air conditioner is a separate household air conditioner. The computer in my room and the SSID of wireless internet access in the room are the room number. It's convenient to search. The water in the wash basin is not generally large. I think it's a bit wasteful. What I'm not satisfied with is the sprinkling of flowers! I thought the wash basin was flooded and the shower was very big. I was wrong. The shower was very small and the water flow was sparse. The most fatal thing was that it was difficult to adjust. It became very hot or cold after moving a little! Let me adjust it for a long time!!! I wonder if all the rooms are like this? Therefore, it is recommended that guests do not move the faucet when taking a bath during check-in, because that position is likely to be the temperature that the last guest worked hard to adjust, which is more suitable for taking a bath. I live in room 526. If the hotel manager sees it, you can try it yourself. The price is not expensive. I had a psychological expectation that the price would not be very luxurious. I wrote a lot, and I'd better choose 'recommend'. Later, I'll do it by myself. I add that the supplies in the room, including slippers and toothbrush, are all money, and the real price is clearly marked.
  • gosde
    not bad
  • gexiang88
    The hotel has complete facilities, good service quality and convenient location. It will be selected for the next business trip
  • jay123
    I think it's wrong. It's very close to the exhibition hall, but it's a long way to go. It's also close to the stadium. In the evening, we can hear the match between Evergrande and South Korea.
  • amyng0402
    It's a very ordinary hotel with old facilities and high prices.
  • cx2155
    The air conditioner is OK, quite clean
  • flylee
    It's OK. The exhibition period is more expensive, but it's more comfortable than ordinary Express Hotels
  • guaimaojing1514
    The location is close to Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center, two subway stations, and the hotel is 370 meters away from modesha subway. The room is quiet and clean, especially the front desk service is very good. The 179 yuan single room I stayed in, including breakfast, is a windowless room, but I am in the exhibition during the day, and I just go back to the hotel to sleep at night. It's very cost-effective. Although the surrounding area is not very busy, there are snack bars and convenience stores at the entrance of the lane. Generally speaking, it's a good hotel.
  • frfrli
    The location of the hotel is good, and the subway goes directly to Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. Old equipment, poor breakfast, nothing to eat.
  • m02177031
    The hotel environment is average and the location is OK. It's convenient to go to the Provincial Second People's Hospital and the Convention and Exhibition Center
  • e01769156
    The hotels where the exhibitors stayed were quite remote in terms of location, and there was no shopping around, which was generally good
  • bestlufeng
    Yes, the location is good.
  • wingyilee
    Difference difference
  • dead_me
    The single room is really small and dark. One time free toothbrush to take the initiative to ask him, otherwise you can only use charges, very insidious business trick, WiFi is very bad. Fortunately, there is a buffet on the second floor to make up for the dissatisfaction. To remind you of the matter, the hotel near the store, convenience store many sell fake, must pay attention to!!!
  • Piringo
    The bed is very small, quiet enough, the room sanitation is good, single room configuration
  • e02725693
    The toilet is located in the bathroom and is wet after taking a bath. The small round mirror is installed above the head and can't be used. There was a peculiar smell in the room and air freshener was used. The lack of design in the room is better than the geographical location.
  • ability0308
    The old hotel has good service and convenient transportation. It takes five or six minutes to walk to the subway entrance and back to the street. It's quiet and highly praised.
  • m04661967
    Close to the Convention and Exhibition Center, the facilities are old
  • b.ling
    The hotel the company ordered was very satisfactory
  • bubblepop
    Convenient transportation and parking. There are parking lots on the ground and underground. be quiet.
  • line2188
    The service was very good. It's very close to modesha subway. There is a bus to the exhibition. More suitable for the exhibition guests. Overall, it's OK.
  • genies_ou
    This 140rmb room is larger than Wenxing's 219rmb room, and the configuration is not bad. It's worth it!
  • alexxf
    It is close to Pazhou Convention and exhibition center with convenient transportation
  • beilei0505
    I didn't hear anything bad about the hotel I booked for others. I believe it should be pretty good.
  • mayjuang123
    Good location, close to the subway station.
  • neting
    Not bad. I'll stay next time
  • reixo
    During the exhibition, the business was very good, but the business ability of the front desk really needed to be improved. Fortunately, the attitude was very good, which made up for some unhappiness. Everything is very hygienic. There is a shuttle bus to the Exhibition Hotel, which is very convenient.
  • bopouwu
    Too few breakfast varieties
  • sumlo
    Not bad
  • bsdsy
    Very good, but the location is difficult to find. It's a little far from Guangzhou Tower!
  • galler12
    It's OK, but I eat less around! It's very convenient to go to the exhibition!
  • derossiwei
    It's very close to Pazhou Exhibition Hall. It's cost-effective. The room is clean and spacious. The only disadvantage is that the breakfast is not very rich
  • dindangxu
  • fsmail
    I have to stay for a while on a business trip. I hope the market price ratio is high. The hotel is very good and suitable for me.
  • Bruce Lee
    The hotel is close to the subway entrance and has convenient transportation. It is close to Pazhou guild hall. It is very convenient to attend the meeting. The hotel management and service are pretty good. You need to swipe your card to get on the elevator, which is safe. The only thing to say is that the hotel advocates environmental protection and does not provide disposable items free of charge. If it is disposable washing supplies, I firmly support it, but slippers are not provided. The charge for disposable slippers is 8 yuan. I think it is compulsory consumption. Who will bring slippers on business? Disposable slippers are not available. Can you provide plastic slippers for repeated disinfection! Or free plastic slippers, charge disposable slippers for guests to choose, isn't it better!
  • sumiao86
    Too bad. The facilities are broken. The toilet is blocked and the bath water is either hot or cold. Poor poor! No more.
  • Cloud makes
    Overall, it's good, the location is OK, but the smell in the room is too strong. I don't know what it tastes like. Maybe it's the spice. It doesn't feel fresh. And the air conditioner doesn't work very well. It feels so hot.
  • e01240483
    There's no equipment or sanitation
  • futuree
    In order to make it convenient to go to the exhibition and book in advance, the overall feeling is acceptable. The hotel is a little old, but it is super convenient to go to the exhibition. There is a hotel next to the hotel. It should be said to be the top hotel in that location. Everything has a price and is very reasonable. Anyway, if the next exhibition comes, it must be Pazhou hotel.
  • sj6885
    The traffic is very convenient. There is a subway station entrance nearby; Eating is also convenient, Pazhou restaurant is inside the building, which is also very affordable, and there is another good restaurant around; Hotel front desk service is not very professional, attitude is not very enthusiastic; The small balcony of the administrative room is very dirty. There is no sun and rain shelter, no stool, and no one in the table. It is redundant at all. I hope the hotel can decorate the small balcony well and make use of it. Don't waste such good resources.
  • simonbmx
    The hotel is located in the main road of Haizhu District, with convenient travel, good environment and good breakfast
  • ayaco
    It's very close to the exhibition, so I chose this hotel ~ ~ but the price suddenly increased during the exhibition.. Sad.
  • bullut
    Clean, satisfied
  • jennylovely2002
    Outside the window is the Pearl River